Plain talk for young people…. Purity

The enemy will strategically send those people into your life to steal your purity. Satan hates your purity and we know the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, even your purity. He will send the “experienced” boy or girl into your life and very subtly the enemy will use them to chisel away at you little by little and to make those boundaries become a little more gray.  The enemy uses flattery and words like I love you, you are the only one for me, you know I respect you, if you really loved me…. The enemy has no new tricks and has used those lines for centuries to deceive. One may think but I am  different and I can change them but we are not the Holy Spirit.  It is God that changes. As young people, it is vital to protect our purity by seeking God about who we “spend time with”, and who our partner in life will be. A young person must be bold in their faith and in their stand on purity and not waver. Don’t put yourself in compromising situations that leaves the door open to cross God’s boundaries for you and give in to temptation. Be aware the enemy will send thieves to steal what God has reserved for marriage.


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