The Author

Mona DeVousMona DeVous is a lover of Jesus, loves to worship the One who forever changed her life, and has a heart for the things of God.  She and her husband, Louis, both serve on the ministry team and mission team at Crossroads Bible Church. Together, Mona and Louis have 10 children and several grandchildren. She has also spent the last 31 years working as a paralegal in Southern Illinois.

She has a heart for international missions, having traveled five times to India and twice to Kenya. She also has a heart for women’s ministry and her desire is for women, both here and across the nations, to be set free from bondages that keep them from the purpose that God has for their lives.

Through her own life experiences, God has given her a compassion for those who have been hurt or rejected, for those who have lost loved ones, for women to be the “Bride” that God has called them to be to their husbands, and she also has a heart for those who are divorced and remarried and are now walking out the many challenges of blending families.  She also has a desire for others to enter the presence of God because she knows EVERYTHING changes with just one touch from God and you will never be the same.

She is the author of the blog, Fearless Lionheart, which primarily deals with empowering others to ARISE to be mighty warriors for Christ and to walk in the AUTHORITY and FREEDOM Christ has for them in their everyday lives, even in the midst of adversity.



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