What is a Fearless Lionheart?

As I was praying about this blog, I was reminded of a Word that my friend, Sony, who is Pastor Joseph’s wife from India, gave me through the Lord on my first mission trip to India in 2009.  She said the Lord saw me as a lion (not a lioness).  A lioness isn’t so brave as she protects herself and her cubs but lions are brave.  Lions strengthen not only her house but the whole herd.  I have never forgotten that Word in 2009.  Through many trials and tribulations, God has made me brave to face the most difficult times in my life. God desires for His sons and daughters to be brave and courageous not only in their own lives but to be willing to protect others and help them be brave and courageous in this journey called life.

Here’s what I found when I looked up the meaning of “fearless” and “lionheart.”  I believe it is the picture of what God is wanting to raise up in this hour.

Lionheart means having a heart like a lion. It signifies exceptional bravery.

To have ‘A Heart of a Lion’ means that you never want to give up. An example: “Inside his/her chest beats the heart of a lion”. It basically means the refusal to give up and to show exceptional courage or bravery.

The heart of a lion is an idiom that describes a person who has courage in the face of adversity. Lions represent strength and a desire to never falter, even if a task is difficult.

Fearless (1828 Webster’s Dictionary) means 1. Free from fear; as fearless of death; fearless of consequences. 2. Bold; courageous; intrepid; undaunted; as a fearless hero; a fearless foe.

If you put all that together, you will find that a Fearless Lionheart is one that is bold, courageous, free from fear, fearless of consequences, who shows exceptional courage or bravery and who never ever ever ever ever gives up!

That sounds like the kind of man and woman that God is looking for.  God wants to raise up an army of believers that are fearless, that are courageous and bold as lions, who will dare to believe, and who will show exceptional courage or bravery EVEN in the midst of adversity and who will be relentless and never ever ever ever ever give up!

Are you ready to enlist in that army of fearless lionheart believers?

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” Ephesians 6:10


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